Getting There

There are a lot of choices for travelling to the Bahamas and Harbour Island.

Most major international airports offer direct flights to Nassau.  From Nassau, you can book a short domestic flight to North Eleuthera.  Some airports in the U.S. southeast (Atlanta, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Charlotte) offer direct flights to North Eleuthera. 

Check with any of your favourite Airlines or Travel Sites and put in NAS for Nassau or ELH for North Eleuthera.

The two airlines that fly daily several times from Nassau to North Eleuthera are Pineapple Air (1-242-702-7133/1-242-328-1329) and Southern Air (1-242-377-2014). It is a very quick 20-minute flight. Both have websites for booking.  

Bahamas Air also has flights from Nassau to North Eleuthera but only on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Once you arrive at the North Eleuthera airport you will take a 5-minute land taxi ride ($5) to the dock where you will board a water taxi for a 5-minute ride to Harbour Island ($5).

If you just can’t wait there are two very good charter companies that can fly up to a party of 5 or 9 people, White Crown Aviation (1-242-335-1650) or Bahama Hoppers (1-242-359-7258).

One other way to get directly to Harbour Island from Nassau is to take the Fast Ferry, (The Bohengy), which travels across the ocean for 2 ½ hours from the dock area at Paradise Island directly to the government dock on Harbour Island. It leaves only once a day at 7:30 AM, but if you want to spend a night in Nassau it’s a great way to find Harbour Island and you can book online.

If you do want to book and need any assistance with your travel plans please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. We’d be happy to help.

Bahamas Map